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Two-Component Amine Adduct Crued Phenolic Epoxy Paint


Description:HJ-872 is a two-component, amine adduct cured phenolic epoxy (novolac)
coating with very good adhesion and high temperature, water and chemical resistance.
Recommended use: As an interior lining in tanks, pipelines etc. for hot water, brine, crude oil, etc.
For coating of potable water tanks.
As a primer coat in specific painting systems.
Service temperatures: Dry exposure only: In water (maximum gradient 15°C/27°F):
Maximum: 160°C/3°F 90°C/194°F
May be specified for design temperatures up to 260°C/500°F dry.



Finish: Flat
Volume solids, %: 68 ± 1
Theoretical spreading rate: 6.8 m²/litre - 100 micron
273 sq.ft./gallon - 4 mils
Flash point: 24°C/75°F
Specific gravity: 1.7 kg/litre - 14.2 lbs/gallon
Surface dry: 2-3 hours at °C/68°F
Dry to touch: 4-6 hours at °C/68°F
Fully cured: 10 days at °C/68°F
V.O.C.: 3 g/litre - 2.7 lbs/gallon
Shelf life: 1 year (25°C/77°F) from time of production. Depending on storage conditions,
mechanical stirring may be necessary before usage.
If the shelf life is exceeded please contact Honestjoy for further advice.

Mixing ratio for HJ-872: Base HJ-875 : Curing agent HJ-870
8.8 : 1.2 by volume
13.8 : 1.0 by weight
Application method: Airless spray. Spinning disc. Brush (touch-up)

Pot life: 3 hours (°C/68°F) FY-009
Induction time: 15 minutes (°C/68°F)
Nozzle orifice: .018"-.021"
Nozzle pressure: 0 bar/2900 psi
(Airless spray data are indicative and subject to adjustment)

Indicated film thickness, dry: 100 micron/4 mils
Indicated film thickness, wet: 150 micron/6 mils

Safety: Handle with care. Before and during use, observe all safety labels on packaging and
paint containers. Avoid inhalation, avoid contact with skin and eyes, and do
not swallow. Take precautions against possible risks of fire or explosions as well as
protection of the environment. Apply only in well ventilated areas.
SURFACE For optimum performance abrasive blasting to very near white metal Sa 2½-3, with a surface

APPLICATION Use only where application and curing can proceed at temperatures above 10°C/50°F. The
CONDITIONS: temperature of the paint itself must be above 15°C/59°F, best results are obtained at 17-
23°C/62-73°F. Relative humidity max. 80%, preferably 40-60%. Apply on a dry and clean surface
with a temperature above the dew point to avoid condensation. Furthermore, reference is made to
Provide adequate ventilation during application and drying in confined spaces.
High temperature May be used under insulation, pipes and the like in one or two-coat systems. Dry film thicknesses
service: should not exceed 300 micron/12 mils. However, at temperatures above 0°C/392°F, max
260°C/500°F, it is recommended to apply max 125 micron/5 mils.
The coating should be cured for at least 7 days at °C/68°F before exposure to high
temperatures. The coating will discolour at high service temperatures.
Film thicknesses: The minimum total dry film thickness for the system is normally 300 microns/12 mils. May be
specified in other film thicknesses than indicated depending on purpose and area of use. This will
alter spreading rate, influence drying time and minimum recoating intervals. The specification may
read up to 125 micron/5 mils dry film thickness per coat, exceptionally 150 micron/6 mils.
Pot life: As per Aramco's requirements, gel time is above 8 hours at a can temperature of 23°C/73°F and
above 2 hours at a can temperature of 40°C/164°F. For optimum spray application properties, the
mixture should be used within 2 hours at °C/68°F.
Recoating Minimum:
intervals: Non-potable water service: 36 hours (°C/68°F) between the first and second coat, 24 hours
(°C/68°F) between the second and third coat.
Potable water service: 3 days (°C/68°F) between coats.
Norway will apply provided a minimum recoat interval of 6
days (°C/68°F).
Maximum: 21 days (°C/68°F).
If the maximum recoating interval is exceeded, roughening of the surface is necessary to ensure
intercoat adhesion.
Notes to • The coating is to be applied in a dry film thickness as near as possible to the specified 100
application and micron/4 mils (or higher if specified).
recoating: • Film formation of each coat has to be of good quality, free from defects such as pinholes and
without any dry spray.
• Drying and curing conditions have to be according to APPLICATION CONDITIONS until full
curing has been obtained.
• No kind of surface contamination must exist except loose dust, abrasives, loose dry-spray,
which is possible to remove by vacuum cleaning before overcoating.
The surface MUST be completely clean before overcoating.
• The coating must only be (exceptionally) exposed to strong, direct sunlight (ultraviolet light) in
short periods.
• The coating is to be checked carefully and should have no patchy, whitish, and/or greasy
formation, which can hinder adhesion of the subsequent coat.
Note: Exudation of the curing agent causes the mentioned patchy, whitish, and/or greasy
formation, which will take place ifHJ-872 is applied at low temperatures without
proper induction time and/or if the coating is exposed to water (rain, condensation) during drying
and curing.
Mixing: The thoroughly mixed BASE and CURING AGENT must be prereacted before application (15
minutes at °C/68°F). Keep thinning at an absolute minimum. Do not dilute the components
separately - only the mixture.
Disclaimer: Any reference to a company standard or specification in this Technical Product Data sheet shall
not be construed as a recommendation by that company to purchase.

This Product Data Sheet supersedes those previously issued.

Data, specifications, directions and recommendations given in this data sheet represent only test results or experience
obtained under controlled or specially defined circumstances. Their accuracy, completeness or appropriateness under the
actual conditions of any intended use of the Products herein must be determined exclusively by the Buyer and/or User.


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