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Two-pack High Solids High Performance Maintenance Coating


Two-pack, high solids, high performance maintenance coating reinforced with fine glass flake for
use on concrete and steel surfaces.
Uses and
¨ Surface tolerant, self priming intermediate or finish coat.
¨ May be applied up to 750 microns in one coat
¨ Suitable for application onto high pressure water cleaned or water jet cleaned surfaces. Flash
rust no greater than (M) as defined in NACE 5 / SSPC – SP 12.
¨ Glass flake reinforcing provides enhanced wear resistance for abrasive areas.
¨ Tolerant of prepared damp surfaces.
¨ Tolerant of hand prepared surfaces or where adherent rust remains on the prepared surface.
¨ Suitable for application of a wide variety of topcoats where improved UV resistance is required.
¨ Good chemical resistance to splash / spill and fumes
¨ Suitable for incidental food contact .
For the protection of steel and concrete structures in severe environments, including marine
structures, petroleum processing and storage facilities and other heavy industrial facilities. On
offshore platforms, Honest 101 is suitable for use in splash and tidal zones, under deck
areas and helidecks as well as sub-sea facilities.
Systems Substrate Surface Preparation Typical Systems dft mm
Rusted steel,
coated steel,
For atmospheric exposure:
Power tool or hand tool
clean. Ensure surface is free
from all loose paint, rust,
dust, dirt, oil, grease or
soluble salts.
1st Coat: Honest 101
2nd Coat: Honest 101
(optional) � �
New steel
For atmospheric exposure:
Abrasive blast clean to
A.S.1627.4 to Class 2½. �
1st Coat: Honest 101
2nd Coat: Honest 101
(optional)� �
New steel, to
be immersed
Abrasive blast clean to
A.S.1627.4 Class 3.
1st Coat: Honest 101
2nd Coat: Honest 101 �

Concrete Acid etch or whip blast.
Concrete must be cured
minimum 14 days
1st Coat: Honest 101
2nd Coat: Honest 101
Degrease and light abrasive
1st Coat: Honest 101
2nd Coat: Honest 101
(optional) �
� The shape and size of surfaces to be coated and the method of application may allow adequate
protection in one coat.
Prime coats such as our ZINC SILICATE, HJ-68, HJ64,
HJ69 and HJ-671 may be used depending on exposure requirements.
� Wet abrasive blasting, high pressure water cleaning and jetting provided the amount of flash
rusting is no greater than moderate (M) as defined in NACE 5 / SSPC-SP12.

���Film builds up to 750 um may be achieved in one coat by repeated wet on wet applications.
General Data
Weathering Excellent. Chalks on exterior exposure without detracting from durability.
Finish Semigloss.
Chemical Resistance Very good resistance to splash of acids, alkalis and chemicals.
Solvent Resistance Good resistance to most hydrocarbon solvents, distillates, oils and greases.
Abrasion Resistance Good.
Immersion Suitable fresh water or sea water.
Wet Dry
Continuous 38 °C 218 °C
Temperature Range
Intermittent 38 °C 232 °C
Colour Mid grey N52, Black. (Other colours batch quantity only)
Topcoating Normally none, though may be topcoated with most two pack enamels.
Shelf Life 12 months from date of shipment if stored indoors at 4°C to 38°C – Base and Hardener.
Application Data
Theoretical Coverage 6.8 sq.m. per litre at 125 mm dry film thickness depending on colour. (Wet film thickness
150 μm). Material losses during mixing and application will vary and must be considered
when estimating requirements.
Volume Solids 85% ± 2% (theoretical).
10°C 10 15°C °C 21 30°C 32
Touch Dry 24 hrs 28 9 hrs 6 hrs 9 4 hrs 4.5
Through Dry 48 hrs 40 32 hrs 24 hrs 6 hrs 12
Drying Times
Minimum Recoat Time 48 hrs 30 32 hrs 24 hrs 16 12 hrs 8
Drying Time (@ °C)
Addition of HJ-0912 Catalyst (2 ½ % by volume i.e. 500mL per L mixed pack)
gives the following figures.
Touch dry 3 hrs; 4 Through Dry 8 hrs 9 ;
Minimum recoat time 6hrs 7; Max recoat time: 1 month,
Maximum recoat time without HJ-0912: 3 months.
Mixing Ratio 1 part Base to 1 part Hardener.
Pot Life 2 hours @ 25ºC. (1 hour with addition of 0912 at 2.5% by volume)
NOTE: The figures quoted for pot life and drying/curing times are not definitive. They are
dependent on site conditions, such as volume of material mixed, ambient and steel
temperatures, weather and ventilation.
Mixing Power stir the Base and Hardener, then add the Hardener to the Base with stirring. Allow to
digest 10 minutes maximum before thinning (if required) and using.
Thinners Use THINN 737 for thinning and HJ-043 for clean up.
Equipment Airless Spray: Use a 0.79 mm to 1.09 mm (0.031” to 0.043”) tip size and 12 to 14 MPa
Conventional Spray: .Use 0-270 kPa pot pressure and 400 kPa atomising pressure. Additional
coats may be required for brush or roller application.
Safety Precautions Recommended only for application by experienced industrial operators in industrial coating
operations. When applying by brush or roller, provide adequate ventilation. When applying
by spray, users must comply with relevant spray painting regulations and wear appropriate
respirator to avoid inhaling vapours and spray mist. Material Safety Data Sheet is available
and should be consulted.
Technical information given verbally or in writing is based on knowledge and research, given in good faith and believed to be reliable, but no
guarantee of accuracy is made or implied. Since methods and conditions of use are beyond our control, all merchandise is sold and received
subject to the condition that our liability whether express or implied for any defect in quality, or for any lack of fitness for the specified use thereof,
is limited to the return of the purchase price if written claim is made within 14 days from date of delivery. It is recommended that the user makes
his or her own tests to determine the suitability of the product for his own requirements. Freedom from patent restrictions is not implied.


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