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Unsaturated Polyester Glass Flake Putty Coating Paint


Fiber glasses polyester putty Ingredients: Unsaturated polyesters resins, modified resin, color pigment, stuffing, anti sediment materials, jointing material, auxiliary agent and firming agent mixing ratio 100: 2.  


  1. Good scratching performance,
  2. excellent resistance to temperature changing,
  3. outstanding adhesive force and elasticity.
  4. Resistance to some certain of baking.

With the properties of crack prevention and constriction deduction etc. the product is mainly applicable to repairing the holes, corrosion and welding line on surfaces of car.

Main technical standard:

  1. Item index testing appearance the color is unanimous, and there are no visible particles by naked eye.
  2. Visual examination Air drying meet the customers requirements , Scratching performance good handling, no curling Burnishing performance burnishing easy, extraction powder is fast.
  3. Shrinkage ratio less than 0. 2% Resistance to high temperature there is no bubbling and cracking under baking at 1 degree centigrade after drying.
  4. There is no bubbling and cracking under baking at 80 degree centigrade after gelling Pliability less than 50mm gb / t1748 Impact strength more than 13kg. ,
  5. Adhesive force more than 65kg / 1. 2cm2 gb / t5210 Reference for construction:

1. Evenly mix the main ash and firming agent with the proportion being 100: 2 (make the color unanimous) , and using up them within the gelation time.
2. Scratch the putty which has already finely mixed on the primer paint of double components after burnishing or the surface of cold-rolled sheet which has already been finished processing. If the thickly scratching is required, you had better thinly scratch for many times to meet the required thickness. If some air bubbles infiltrate while scratching, you should thoroughly strickle it by means of scraper, so as to ensure the good adhesive force. The best wet milling time is 0. 5-1h after scratching (as for wet milling polishing, paint-spraying should be done after the water vapor dries out) . 2-3h is the best dry milling time.


1. Cover it after using in case that the impregnant volatilization may result in the deterioration of main ash.
2. The solidifying period of coating film will extend if the temperature is high or low. The consistence and gelation time (pot life) of putty may adjust according to the requirements of customers.

 3. This product is unsuitable for directly scrat



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