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Urethane Modified High Solids Water Borne Coating


Titanium Clear Waterborne High Solids
Acrylic coatings are a single component,
acrylic / urethane modified, high solids
waterborne coatings system containing low
levels of solvent allowing for reduction in
VOCs and HAPs. Utilizing the latest
waterborne technology, this system can be
used as an introductory performance coating
in areas where extreme water and chemical
resistance are not necessary. It is water clear
and non-yellowing. Apply two or three coats,
self-sealing, or if a sealer is desired, use two
coats of Feiyang-10012 Titanium Clear
Waterborne Sealer and one topcoat. This
product meets all of the pertinent government
regulations regarding emissions and meets or
exceeds the performance parameters outlined
by and ASTM
Product Advantages:
�� Low Odor
�� Sealer Provides Excellent Sandability
�� Quick Dry
�� Quick Stack Time
�� Excellent Film Building Properties
�� Excellent Flow and Leveling
�� Minimum Grain Raise
�� Resists Yellowing*
�� Durable Moisture and Chemical
Resistant Film
�� Meets and ASTM
Performance Requirements, When
Applied to Manufacturer’s
* The coating will not protect the wood, lightly stained
wood substrates or pigmented basecoats from yellowing
Viscosity: 30”-35” #3 Zahn @ 77°
Weight Solids: 33.5%
Volume Solids: 30%
Weight/Gallon: 8.49 lbs/gal
VOC (Act./material): 0.5 lbs/gal (less
exempt solvents)
Coverage: 460 sq ft per gallon at one mil
dry film thickness.
Dry Time: Tack free in 15- minutes,
sand in 45 minutes, stack in 4 hours.
(Note: relative humidity and temperature
will effect dry time)
Shelf Life: 6 months in a properly sealed
container. Always rotate stock.
Protect product from freezing.
Note: These numbers represent actual control values
on a smooth, sanded substrate. Spray techniques,
texture, and sealing as well as film thickness may give
different results on actual work, but they may be used
for comparison. To the best of our knowledge, the
above technical data is true and accurate at the date of
issuance but is subject to change without prior notice.
Surface Preparation:
New wood: Remove any dirt, grease, glue or
other contaminants and sand wood as
required. Moisture content of wood should be
7-9%. Old wood: Strip old finishes
completely and remove all contaminants from
the surface. Make sure the surface is dry, sand
as required. Finish as new work.
Material Preparation:
Mix thoroughly before use. Reduction may be
required for certain types of application. Water
should be used for reduction, not to exceed
15% by volume. If a slower dry time is
desired, use Butyl Carbitol.
Temperature will effect viscosity. Titanium
Waterborne coatings are designed for spray
application. This product must not be polluted
with oil, solvent based paint or the like and
should not be applied to metal surfaces.
Application and drying conditions must be at
temperatures of 64°F or above and at a
humidity of less than 65%. Increased air flow
and/or drying temperatures, including the use
of infrared lighting for cure will significantly
decrease dry times. Further coats may be
applied followed by sanding with 280/3-grit
sandpaper. Maximum dry film thickness
should not exceed 4 mils.
Clean Up:
Use water to clean all equipment when
material is in a liquid stage. Use an 80/
blend of water/Butyl Carbitol when material is
partially cured. Use Acetone to remove dried
The following supersedes any provision contained in the forms, letters and papers of your company. This product is designed and intended for professional application only. All products should be thoroughly tested
under application conditions prior to use. The information contained herein is believed to be reliable.
CHILDREN! BEFORE using this product it is essential that the “Material Safety Data Sheet” describing the product as well as the “Product Label” be reviewed. If your company does not have such information or
has any questions, contact the manufacturer.


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