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Water Miscible Epoxy Coating


_ Chemical and Corrosion Resistant
_ Secondary Waterproof Membrane
_ Can be applied to Wet/Dry Surfaces
_ Water Based—Virtually Odourless
durable, water based Epoxy Coating for concrete, wood and metal and can
be applied on damp/dry floor and walls both internally and externally.  
A secondary waterproofing membrane prior to laying vinyl sheeting, tiles,
carpet and cement based screeds.  
for application in damp conditions. It has excellent chemical, resistance,
abrasion resistance and is mould resistant. A protective coating for potable
water retaining structures such as tanks and reservoirs and swimming pools.
in a  range of pastel colours. 
Available in 1 litre, 2 Litre, 4.5 litre and 9 litre packs.
Water Miscible Epoxy Coating
WAT MISCIBLE EPOXY COATING is a two-part epoxy resin coating specially
developed for use as a secondary waterproof membrane system for both floors and walls prior to
placement of vinyl tiles, sheeting, timber floors, laminates and carpets.
USES:  It will provide protection against low levels of rising water ingress through floors and
walls.  This coating is suitable for application to all factory floors, warehouses, workshops, plant
rooms, cellar floors and walls, in fact, any floor or wall that demands chemical and abrasion
resistance. An ideal secondary waterproofing membrane prior to laying vinyl sheeting, tiles,
carpet or cement based screeds.  An ideal coating for potable water retaining structures such as
reservoirs, holding tanks, fish tanks and swimming pools.
PREPARATION:  Surfaces must be clean, sound and free from grease, oil and other forms of
contamination. All surfaces can be damp. Concrete Laitance should be removed by acid washing
using EPOXY PRODUCTS CONCRETE ETCH and rinsed thoroughly.  For best results Vacuum
Track Shot Blasting is recommended.  This coating may also be applied onto previously painted
floors providing the existing floor paint is sound and well abraded.
MIXING:  Empty the entire contents of Pack “B” (Hardener) into Pack “A” (Resin) and stir
using a mixing paddle in an electric drill on a slow speed.  Ensure attention is given to the sides
and bottom of the container during the mixing process.  Having mixed use all within 30 minutes.
APPLICATION:  Apply the coating immediately after mixing by brush or roller. Two coats are
normally required for maximum resistance.  For best results apply the second application within
48 hours of the first.  Anti-slip aggregates can be applied to the coating to provide some slip
resistance particularly in constantly wet areas and in swimming pools.
HEALTH AND SAFETY:  As some people find Epoxy based products irritant to the skin, all
users are recommended to use barrier cream and thoroughly wash with soap and water after use. 
Avoid skin and eye contact.  If eye contact is made then rinse with clean water and seek
4.5 Litres will cover up to 30 square metres depending upon the porosity and texture of the        
When fully mixed, approximately 30 minutes.  Extended pot life at lower temperatures, reduced
at higher temperatures. 
Tack free in 8 hours @ 0 C.  Re-coatable in 12 hours @ 0 C.  DO NOT USE at temperatures  
below 40 C.  Full cure/hardness in 7 days.
Resistant to spillages of most chemicals commonly met within industry. 
Clean all tools with fresh, clean water.
 White, Off White, Cream, Grey and Mediterranean Blue.
We endeavours to ensure that any advice, recommendation, specification or information it may give is accurate and correct, it can not,
because it has no direct or continuous control over where or how its products are applied, accept any liability either directly or indirectly arising from the use of its
products, whether or not in accordance with any advice, specification or information given.


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