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Water Reducible Urethane Primer


1. Description
This is an easy-to-apply, quick drying finish for interior wood/MDF surfaces with extreme low V.O.C.. and is perfect for use over light or natural wood colors. This Water-Base Polyurethane dries quickly and can be recoated within only 1 hour. This extremely durable finish resists abrasion, water with superior adhesion as well.
Composition: Water-Borne Polyurethane
2 . Uses
Water-Base Polyurethane Coating is safe for children’s furniture and toy. Ideal for use as a finishing coat for projects requiring low odor quick drying and excellent flows & levels on any wood surface. Applications:
• Wood • MDF
• Wood Floor
60’s(Coating Cup 4# 30°C )
1 Feiyang Rd. Shajing, Baoan,
Shenzhen China
Fax: +86-755-26404265
Solids Content (Weight):
To Touc
30min Re
1hr Dry time (Humidity less 50%)
Flash Point:
4.Method of Application:
Ratio: Paint:Water= 1:0.2
Application Viscosity: 17±1S(Coating Cup 4#,Spray)
Method of application: spray,.
Surfaces should be clean, dry and wax-free.
Coverage:10-12m2/kg (Actual data may also depend on the apply
method, surface as well as other applied environment.)
5. Other Consideration:
(1)Do not apply at 5°C or below and relative humidity not exceed
6. Standards:
China National Standard on Wood Coating
China National CCC Obligated Environment Friendly Certification
The above information and data are for reference only, it does not constitute a legal liability of our company' warranties or statements. The information and data are utilized the experiences carried out by our laboratory tests. Before use this information, you need to self-determine the most appropriate formula, process and control methods to ensure products meet your need for consistency and quality.


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