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Description: WDE Series Waterborne Acrylic is an alternative to solvent based enamels. Formulated for
properly prepared metal surfaces both interior and exterior. May be used in new fabrication and maintenance painting applications. Has good exterior durability, gloss and color retention. Also offers significant cost savings in solvent usage, reduced fire hazards, lower odors, and water clean-up of equipment and guns are among the advantages of WDE. Good air movement and low humidity are essential for proper drying of any waterborne coating.
• Waterborne formulation
• Good color & gloss retention
• Can be applied direct to proper prepared steel.
• Low odor, user friendly
Solids by Vol: 32.5% ± 5%
Theoretical Coverage:
• 521 mil ft²
• 208 ft² @ 2.5 mil
Allow for loss during mixing & application.
VOC Value:
• As supplied 255 g/l
Steel surfaces: Must be clean and dry. Prepared to a minimum SSPC-SP1 Solvent cleaning to remove oil, grease, dirt and other contaminants. Loose rust and mill scale must be removed either by abrasive blasting or hand/power tool cleaning. Maximum performance will be achieved with a 1.0-2.0 mil blast profile.
Galvanized Steel: Not recommended unless used over a
primer suitable for galvanized steel.
Previously painted surfaces: apply a test patch to check compatibility with existing coating.
Primer: Alkyds, Epoxies, Zincs. Always first check compatibility. A mist coat over Inorganic Zinc may be needed to minimize bubbling.

Inspection: Visually inspect for voids in coating film. A second coat in contrasting color is recommended for adequate hiding. Clean up & Disposal: After use, immediately flush all equipment with Water. Dispose of all containers, solvents, and unused material in
accordance with local, state, and federal
Times based on 75F
Dry to touch: 30 min Dry to recoat: 2 hours Final cure: 24 hrs
Dry times are widely affected by weather conditions and film thicknesses.
Unit sizes: One & Five Gal units
Shipping weight: 9 .2 lbs/gal Flash Point: NA
UN Classification: UN1263, Paint, PGII


Spray Application:
• Conventional: Pressure pot with dual regulators, 3/8” I.D. material hose, Binks 66 series or compatible nozzles and needle.
• Airless: Graco 23:1 Monark Min.
¼” material line.
Tip size .013
Output PSI-2000-2300
• Brush & Roller:
•Brush: Natural Bristle
• Roller: ¼” Nap cover with Phenolic Core
Mixing: Power mix or box until color & consistency
are uniform.
Thinning: Use potable water
•Spray-Up to 12 oz per gallon with potable water
•Brush & Roll-Up to 12 oz per gallon with potable water
Pre-application: Flush all equipment with potable water
Temperature: Application range from 60F-100F surface temperature. Do not apply below 60F.
Method: Apply one coat maintaining a wet edge to achieve a WFT of 4-6 Mils. Multiple passes are recommended to achieve proper WFT.


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