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Zinc Rich Epoxy Cold Galvanising Coating


• One pack zinc rich coating
• Mineral turps thinned
• Easy Application
Performance Data:
• Abrasion resistance - Good
• Acids and Alkali resistance - when suitably top coated
resists most chemical environments
• Heat resistance - to 0°C (dry)
• Solvent resistance - resists splash and spillage of most
aliphatic hydrocarbons
• Weatherability – should be top-coated for maximum

This Cold Galvanizing is zinc rich paint based on epoxy ester
resins, which protect steel from corrosion.
This product contains metallic zinc, which allows for
electrical contact to be made with the steel surface being
The metallic zinc is then sacrificed in preference to the steel,
when exposed to corrosive environments, therefore ensuring
long-term protection of the steel surface.
This product has been specially formulated for easy
application and is mineral turps thinned.
Recommended Uses:
• This Cold Galvanizing is used as a heavy-duty primer for
atmospheric corrosion protection for iron and steel. It is
most often used on structural steelwork in industrial and
commercial environments, especially for the protection of
buildings, bridges, cranes, pipelines and tanks. This product
is also used for the repair of damaged galvanized iron.

Coating Type: Single Pack Zinc Rich Coating Density: 1.70 kg per litre
Colour: Grey VOC:
Packaging: 1 litre and 4 litre Temperature Resistance: 0°C dry
Mix Ratio: n/a Volume solids: 40 %
Gloss Matt Theoretical Coverage Rate:
Flash Point: 32 oC Setaflash 8.0 sq. metres per litre at 50 microns dry
Thinner: Mineral Turpentine Recommended Film Thickness Per Coat:
Pot Life: n/a 125 microns wet to obtain 50 microns dry
Induction Time: n/a Application: Spray, Brush or Roller
Shelf Life: Store under cool dry conditions Dry Times (50μm DFT / 50% RH):
Recoat – minimum: 5oC 10oC 25oC 30oC
Single pack 48 hrs 36 hrs 24 hrs 24 hrs
Recoat – maximum: 5oC 10oC 25oC 30oC
Single pack n/a n/a n/a n/a

All surfaces to be coated should be clean, dry and free from
contamination. Oil or grease should be removed in
accordance with AS1627.1 solvent cleaning. Surface defects
revealed by the preparation process, should be ground, filled,
or treated in the appropriate manner. Clean to remove all grit
dust and debris and ensure the surface is dry.
Steel Surfaces:
Abrasive blast to AS1627.4 Class 2 ½ to achieve a uniform
blast profile between 38 to 63 microns and a jagged nature as
opposed to a peen pattern. A lesser degree of cleaning will
reduce the service life of the coating.
Galvanised Steel and Electrodepositing Zinc Surfaces:
All traces of dichromate passivation must be removed. Sweep
abrasive blast with non metallic media or thoroughly sand with
synthetic scouring pad to provide a uniform matt finish.
Previously Painted Surfaces:
Clean with HJ-40C Cleaner. Remove loose and peeling paint.
Prepare all corroded and damaged paint areas in accordance
with the preparation required for the applicable primer. Feather
back edges to a sound clean existing coating. Abrade all
existing coating to provide a fine matt finish. Clean to remove all
grit dust and debris and ensure the surface is dry.

Use mechanical agitation for proper mixing to ensure uniform
condition. Stir until thoroughly mixed.
Thinning maybe required to assist application. Any solvent
addition should be made after the component is thoroughly
mixed. Excessive thinning can cause low film thickness and
coating defects.
Use Mineral Turpentine.
The preferred method of application is spray.
Small areas may be brush or rolled if conditions are suitable,
however care must be taken to ensure that the correct film
thickness is obtained.
Suggested spray equipment is:
Air Spray:

For industrial use only.
See our General Safety Data Sheet,
product label and Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) for
health and safety information prior to use.
This Cold Galvanising is flammable. Keep away from heat,
sparks and open flame. Use with adequate ventilation.
May cause eye and skin irritation.
Do not breathe vapour or spray.
Wear suitable protective clothing such as gloves and eye and
face protection.


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