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Zinc Rich Epoxy Primer


Product Data
•Outstanding resistance to chemicals and severe
•Excellent adhesion to inorganic zincs
•Easily applied by airless or conventional spray
•HJ-861F can be used for low
temperature curing.
Typical Uses
HJ-618S is a shop primer for bare steel on new
construction or major repair projects, and as a field
maintenance primer over bare steel or steel coated with
organic or inorganic zinc primers and epoxy topcoats such as,
Honest coat 221, HJ-602M. HJ-618S may be used to repair itself or inorganic zinc primers.
Surface Preparation
Coating performance, in general, is proportional to the degree
of surface preparation. Surface must be clean, dry and free of
all contaminants.
Typical Properties
Adhesion, 1000 psi

Physical Data
Finish Flat
Color Reddish gray
Components 3
Volume solids
(ASTM D2697 modified) 70% ± 3%
Coats 1
Dry film thickness per coat 3 mils (75 microns)
Theoretical coverage ft2/gal m2/L
1 mil (25 microns) 1123 27.5
3 mils (75 microns) 1374 19.2
VOC lb/gal g/L
mixed 2.4 288
mixed/thinned (1/2 pt/gal) 2.8 335
Temperature resistance, dry °F °C
continuous (maximum) 0 93
Flash point (SETA) °F °C
cure 110 -43
resin 182 -28
mixed 182 -28
HJ65 178 -25
HJ 12 112 -17
Application Data
Applied over Steel
Surface preparation SSPC-SP3, 6 or 10
Method Airless or conventional spray
Mixing ratio (by volume) 1- or 5-gal unit package
Pot life (hours) °F/°C
90/32 70/21 50/10
nonaccelerated 8 16 24
accelerated (1/4 pt 861/5 gal) 5 19 16
Environmental conditions
Temperature °F °C
air 32 to 1 0 to 49
surface 32 to 140 0 to 60
material (minimum) 40 4
Surface temperatures must be 5°F (3°C) above the dew point to
prevent condensation.
Drying time (ASTM D1640) (hours) °F/°C
90/32 70/21 50/10 32/0
touch 1⁄4 1⁄2 01 NR
through 400 800 36 NR
topcoat (minimum) 100 0 16 NR
topcoat (maximum months) 600 600 16 NR
accelerated (1/4 pt/861/5 gal)
touch – 1⁄3 0001⁄2 02
through 11/2 400 16 96
topcoat (minimum) 3⁄400 11⁄0 14 24
topcoat (maximum months) 600 600 16 6
NR = Not Recommended

Application Data Summary
See Application Instructions for complete information on
surface preparation, equipment, environmental conditions and
application procedures. To obtain maximum performance,
apply as recommended. For conditions outside the requirements
or limitations described,contact us
Safety Precautions
Read each component’s material safety data sheet before
mixing. Mixed material has hazards of each component. Safety
precautions must be strictly followed during storage, handling
and use.
This product is for industrial use only. Not for residential

We makes no other warranties concerning the product.
No other warranties, whether express, implied, or statutory,
such as warranties of merchantability or fitness for a
particular purpose, shall apply. In no event shall we be
liable for consequential or incidental damages.

Thinner HJ-65
Equipment cleaner Thinner
Shipping Data
Packaging units 1 gal 5 gal
cure 1-qt can 1-gal can
resin 1-gal can 5-gal can
powder 1-gal can EnviroPac
Shipping weight (approx) lb kg
1-gal unit
cure 22 00.9
resin 05.4 02.5
powder .2 09.2
5-gal unit
cure 08.4 03.8
resin 26.6 12
powder 98.5 44.7
Shelf life when stored indoors at 40 to 100°F (4 to 38°C)
cure, resin, powder 1 year from shipment date
Numerical values are subject to normal manufacturing tolerances, color and
testing variances. Allow for application losses and surface irregularities. See
application instructions for complete information and safety precautions.



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