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Zinc Silicone Primer Heat Resistant to 500F


HJ-210C Primer is a VOC compliant, heat and
corrosion resistant primer formulated from modified
silicone resins and zinc dust. HJ-210C Primer
provides outstanding corrosion protection for metal
surfaces operating at temperatures to 500°F (260°C).
HJ-210Cis the primer for Thurmalox 0C
series, VOC compliant, heat resistant topcoats. The
210C primer/0C series topcoat system has excellent
intercoat adhesion and is able to withstand severe
thermal shock throughout the entire temperature range.
Recommended Uses
Application to surfaces where (1) the benefits of
HJ-210Cseries coatings are needed, and
where (2) federal, state and/or local authorities require
high temperature coatings to be compliant with reduced
VOC (volatile organic compound) emission regulations.
• Stacks, Breechings, Boiler Casings
• Refinery Equipment - Heaters, Crackers
• Reformers
• Furnaces, Kilns, Ovens
• Compressors, Turbines, Engines
• Piping, Pumps, Manifolds
• Process Vessels, Heat Exchangers
• VOC compliant - 3.2 lb./gal (381 g./l.)
• Air dries, easy to apply
• Withstands continuous temperature of 500°F
• Prevents rusting and streaking of steel during
• Easily topcoated with Thurmalox 0C Series heat
resistant topcoats
• Excellent intercoat adhesion
• Protects against weathering and corrosion
• Prevents underfilm corrosion attack

Not Recommended For
• Immersion service
• Interiors of stacks, breechings and scrubbers
• Stainless steel
Surface Preparation - Carbon Steel
1. To ensure optimum long-term coating system
performance, surfaces must be clean, dry and free
from dirt, oil, grease, salts, welding flux, mill scale,
rust, oxides, old paint, corrosion products or other
foreign matter.
2. Remove all surface imperfections that will induce
premature coating system failure. Chip or scrape
off weld splatter. Grind down sharp and rough
3. Abrasive blast surface per specification SSPC-SP
10, “Near-White Blast Cleaning”, . Abrasive used in blasting should be
selected carefully from materials of mesh size
required to produce the desired anchor pattern.
4. If abrasive blasting is not permitted, prepare
surface by power tool cleaning per SSPC-SP 11.
This method will provide a surface
equivalent to that provided by commercial blast
cleaning per SSPC-SP 6, including the desired
surface profile.
5. Feather out all edges of adjacent painted surfaces
after completion of surface preparation operations
and prior to application of the first coat of paint.
HJ-210C Primer is a two package system
consisting of a base component and zinc that are
mixed together before use. Sift zinc dust slowly into
base with continuous mechanical agitation. Mix
thoroughly until free of lumps. Pour mixture through 30-
mesh screen. If a partial unit is needed, mix by weight
10 parts Base component with 3 parts Zinc Dust

Application Guidelines
Surface temperature must be at least 5°F (3°C) above
dew point.
Uninsulated Carbon Steel
Primer: HJ-210C Primer 2.0-2.5 mils
(50-62 microns)
Topcoats: Thurmalox 0C Series
2.0-2.5 mils
(50-62 microns)
Total dry film thickness 4.0-5.0 mils
(100-125 microns)
Application Equipment
Conventional spray is the recommended method of
application. However, HJ-210C Primer may
also be applied by airless spray, or brush. Do not apply
HJ-210C Primer in heavier films than specified
since blistering may occur. Do not apply HJ-210C by roller.
Conventional Spray:
Spray gun 101
Fluid tip FX (1.1 mm tip)
Air cap 704
Fluid hose* 3/8” ID
Air hose 5/16” ID
Atomizing pressure 40-45 psi
* Smaller hose diameter or length over 25 ft. may require
increased pressure.
Airless Spray:
Fluid tips* 163-614, 163-616 (12”fan)
Pump 30:1
Fluid hose 3/8” ID
Air pressure to pump 65-80 psi

Brush: Use only wooden-handled brush with short
China bristles. Do not use synthetic-bristled brushes.
Do not flood surface with coating. Brush out
thoroughly, maintaining a continuous wet edge and
uniform appearing paint film.
HJ-210Cis to be used as supplied. If thinning
is necessary only thin with Honest joy 180 VOC Thinner.
Do not thin beyond , State, and/or Local VOC
(Volatile Organic Compound) emission regulations.
Note: Use of other thinners not approved by Honest joy
may hinder product performance and void product

Dry Time 70°F (21°C) 50% RH
HJ-210C Primer will air dry tack and thumb
print free within 1-2 hours. Allow 8 hours dry time
between coats. Allow 24 hours dry time prior to
shipping and handling. Surfaces coated with HJ-210C Primer can be handled and shipped as long as
shipping and handling procedures for thin filmed
systems are followed. Avoid mechanical abrasion
during shipping and handling. Allow one hour solvent
flash off period before heat curing or placing into
Thoroughly flush spray equipment and hoses
immediately after use with Honest joy 180 Thinner.
Dismantle spray equipment and clean parts, brushes
and rollers with Honest joy 180 Thinner.
Store in cool, dry place with temperature between 50°F
and 100°F (10°C and 38°C). Keep container closed
when not in use.
Precautionary Information
WARNING: Flammable Liquid and Vapor
Keep away from heat, sparks and flame. Vapors may
cause flash fire. Do not breathe vapors or spray mist.
Avoid contact with eyes, skin and clothing. Use with
adequate ventilation during mixing and application.
Wear an appropriate, properly fitted organic vapor
cartridge-type respirator during and
after application unless air monitoring demonstrates
vapor/mist levels are below applicable limits. Follow
respirator manufacturer’s directions for respirator use.
Wash thoroughly after handling. Wear protective
gloves, chemical safety goggles and impervious
protective clothing. Use skin cream. In confined
spaces it is required to use a positive pressure
supplied-air respirator . Use
explosion-proof lights and electrical equipment. Use
only nonsparking tools and equipment. Wear
conductive and nonsparking footwear. Make certain all
electrical equipment is grounded. See Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)
for complete precautionary and disposal information.
If instructions and warnings cannot be strictly followed,
do not use this product.




HJ-210C Primer


.Number of Components Temperature resistance Continuous Percent (%) Solids by volume Dry film thickness per coat Wet film thickness per coat Theoretical coverage per gallon Application temperature @ 50% RH Drying time @ 50% RH To touch To recoat To ship Weight per gallon HJ-210C Primer Honest joy 180 Thinner Flash point Pot life Shelf life Volatile organic compounds

Silicone Zinc Dust Dark Gray Two 500°F (260°C) 30 2.0 - 2.5 mils (50 - 62 microns) 6.8 – 9.0 mils (150 – 0 microns) 481 mil. sq. ft. (11.8 sq. m./liter @ 25 microns) 50°F-1°F (10°C-50°C) 50°F (10°C) 70°F (21°C)4-6 hours 1 – 2 hours10-12 hours 8 hours 72 hours 24 hours 13.8 lb. ( 6.3 kg.) 11.2 lb. ( 5.2 kg.) 81°F (42°C) N/A 1 year 3.2 lb./gal. (381 g./l.)




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