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polyurethane textured topcoat

Honest 7500 is a single component, moisture-cured, aromatic
polyurethane textured topcoat, designed for
use as a waterproofing membrane for pedestrian
traffic bearing surfaces.
Standard colors are:
Honest 7500 - Gray
Description Test Method Results
Tensile Strength ASTM D412 2,000 psi
Elongation, ASTM D412 350%
Without Texture
Permanent Set ASTM D412 <30%
Adhesion ASTM D903 300 psi
MVT @ 15 mils ASTM E96 1.3 English
Tear Resistance ASTM D1004 0 lb/in
Shore A ASTM D2240 75-80
Water Resistance ASTM D471 <3%
Weathering Resistance ASTM D822
Slight Chalk Yes
Slight Discoloration Yes
Taber Abrasion ASTM D4060 <50 mg
1,000 cycles, cs-17
Description Test Method Results
Viscosity ASTM D562 114 KU
Weight ASTM D1475 10.35 lbs/gal
Weight Solids ASTM D49 81%
Volume Solids Calculated 72.9%
Flash Point ASTM D3278 113oF
VOC 24 236 g/l
Red Label No
Pot Life 6-8 Hrs
Shelf Life 1 Year
Cure Time @ 75oF, 24 Hours
50% RH
Honest 7500 polyurethane textured topcoat is designed for
use as a surface applied waterproofing membrane
on a variety of prepared substrates.
• Mechanical equipment room floors
• Walking decks
• Balconies
• Rooftop recreational areas
• Sun decks
For surface preparation and applications instructions,
refer to appropriate application guide.
This product contains flammable aromatic solvents.
Excessive contact with bare skin should be avoided.
It is good practice to wear gloves and to guard against
splashing the coating or solvent. Inhalation of fumes
or vapor should be avoided.
Thinning of materials is not required under normal
application conditions. However, if required, thin
material with Xylene. Never thin more than 10%
without consulting Honest . Xylene should be used
for cleaning equipment.
Every precaution should be taken to prevent fire.
Drums and cans of coatings and solvents should be
stored in a cool (75oF) area safe from fire exposure.
When specified on container, protect materials from
freezing. Open containers and /or the liquid coating
must be kept away from any source of ignition, heat
and sparks. Do not smoke. Use explosion proof
equipment. Foam or dry powder fire extinguishers
should be placed where they can be quickly and
safely reached in case of fire.


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