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Water Transfer Printing

 Shenzhen China Suppliers Products: Water Transfer Printing

Name: Water Transfer Printing
Data Sheet:
Brief introduction What is called cubic covering is a brand-new kind of transfer technology. Traditional lithography or transfer is not effective when applied to materials with complex or irregular surface. In the contrast, cubic covering can not only solve this problem, but also it can deal with various qualities of materials. Moreover, the fine designs and bright colors substantially increase the added value of the products. In a sense, this technique is a new trend in the 21st century. Principles The principles of water transfer printing: After printed some colorful designs, the film which was treated by special chemical process is delivered onto the surface of water, then it transfers the designs evenly to the product by hydraulic pressure, where the film dissolves automatically. Through the sequential processes of rinsing, drying and lacquering, the treated product will take on a completely different visual effect. Characteristics It can be applied to materials with quite complex surface It can be applied to a large variety of materials (plastic, metal, glass, pottery and porcelain etc.) There are hundreds of designs and colors. Products covered with natural veins of peach tree, marble and emerald can be as vivid as those made of real materials. Thence, in some sense, this technique can replace the natural resources, which greatly protect our environment. Application Car items: dashboard, operating panel, handkerchief box, teacup stand, cassette rack, rearview mirror frame, steering, car lock, etc. Electrical appliances: telephone, bleeper, video recorder, television, air-conditioner, stereo, remote controller, mouse, clock and watch, etc. Housing items: sofa,teapoy, cabinet, electrifier lamp, ashtray, vase, utensil etc. Daily necessities: glasses, glasses box, pen,brush pot, calendar rack, artistic frame, racket, dressing case, etc. Indoor building material: door and window, floor broad, etc.

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